BOSSY PAWS - Full groom
BOSSY PAWS - Dog grooming Home and mobile salon

With BOSSY PAWS of Liverpool we offer a full mobile dog grooming service in our price.
Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all pets to BOSSY PAWS. Before your pet grooming session starts, we will sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior and health. Then, well create a custom grooming plan for you. We promise a safe and clean environment for all pets, at all times.
List of services:
  • Bathing
  • Shampooing
  • Brushing
  • Drying
  • Clipping
  • Styling
  • And much more!
With the Bossy Paws mobile dog grooming salon we have a heated hydro bath installed. A hydro bath gives your dog the best massage while bathing.  The pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gently enough to massage the skin. It keeps your dog healthy, fit and helps promote a healthy coat. We only use the highest quality of medicated shampoo as so many dogs suffer with skin problems. We also use a high quality insecticidal shampoo in case your dog is found to have fleas.
With Bossy Paws we use a blaster dryer to get off most of the water from your dogs coat ( for small dogs that get scared of the blaster dryer then we will use a hand dryer paying lots of attention to make sure your dog is comfortable and reassured) We never use a cage dryer. 
This is probably the most noticeable part of dog grooming. We tidy feet and ears up by scissoring and plucking (If required) We shape the face keeping to the style of the dog  and we will clip the coat to the required length (If a dogs coat is quite matted, we can try to remove the odd matte but the dogs health has to come first, if it is too matted we may need to take the coat quite short. Before this happens we will always discuss this first. We can also give you advise on brushing the coat in between grooms. A lot of the dogs with matted  coats grow back fast usually needing grooming again in 6/8 weeks.
We always check nails and if needed we will trim the nails. If nails get to long they can grow into the pads causing infection and putting a strain on the legs
Ear wax in dogs is very common. Dirty ears can lead to chronic ear infections. All ears are checked and if need to be then cleaned with our special ear solution.
Some breeds have bigger moulting problems than others. We use special brushes and combs to remove as much of the hair and undercoat as we can.  
Signs of discomfort are usually demonstrated by your dog dragging his/her bottom along the ground. We will check the anal glands if the customer asks and if found that they are full we will empty them also as part of our full groom service as long as the dog is not showing signs of a infection or in any pain ( If this is the case you will need to seek veterinary treatment)
Splish Splash (your dog having a hydro bath before a full groom)
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