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This is for the full mobile dog grooming
service as mentioned in the full groom page

Our mobile dog grooming salon
A few matts are included in the price below. If your dog is matted all over this takes a lot of time to get the coat off. Please be aware that a normal grooming on this type of dog is 1 1/2 to 2 hours and for a really badly matted dog it can be around 2/3 hours. Please let us know before hand so we can plan the day and also be aware there is a charge of £10.00 to cover the extra time taken. These types of dogs such at Shih Tzu, Bichon, yorkies and Lhasa's grow there coat really fast so  If you then get your dog groomed every 6/8 weeks this will keep the coat healthy and it will feel alot better for your dog.
If your dog is vicious or snappy then you need to take it to the vet for a sedative before we groom. We love dogs and can cope with wriggly dogs but we will not deal with a vicious dog. If a dog is vicious this will show at the beginning of grooming usually within the first 10 minutes. If this happens then the dog is returned to the owner, we will not charge for the full groom as we are unable to do the groom but there will be a £10.00 call out charge to cover our time and expenses. My best advise would be to take your dog the vet to get the seditive and then give us a call.
Bossy Paws of Liverpool mobile Price list   
Unlike most dog groomers we don't charge you on the size of your dog, its more about the work and time involved.
If you require just one service like nail clipping or anal glands expression then we don't usually offer this unless we are in the area. So please call or email to check. We charge £10.00 for nail clipping if we can fit it in.


If you would like you pooch to have a pampering facial it only costs £5.00 on top of the full groom cost.

The Blueberry facial is a 10 minute spa treatment, 3 minute massage and 7 minutes left on, we also play spa music in the background. It does not harm the eyes at all and smells lovely. Dogs find it very relaxing and it also help remove some of the staining on some dogs faces.

Fudges Before and After a Blueberry Facial 
and full groom

before and after a full groom

If you have two or more dogs that need a full groom at the same house there is £5.00 off the full price 
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Bossypaws dog groomers blueberry facial for fudge 1
As part of our dog grooming service we have now introduced the Blueberry facial as a additional extra to the full groom. If you would like your pooch to have a facial it is a 3 minute massage and then...

American Bull dog  £25.00
Airedale Terrier  £40.00
Bichon Frise  £33.00
Border Collie £30.00
Boxer     £25.00
British Bull Dog   £25.00                                                
Cairn Terrier  £33.00                                                         
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel    £33.00                       
Chihuahua (Long hair)   £28.00         
chihuahua (short hair)   £25.00
Cocker Spaniel  between £35.00
Corgi    £25.00                            
Dachshund (short hair)    £25.00
Fox Terrier (smooth)     £25.00
German Shepard      £35.00

Husky Type  £35.00-£40.00
Irish Terrier      £30.00
Jack Russell (short hair)    £25.00
Labradoodle     £40.00                                                       
Labrador          £30.00
Lakeland   Terrier     £35.00                  
Lhasa Apso     £33.00      
Lurcher  £25.00
Neapolitan Mastiff  £30.00                                                       
Old English sheep dog    £40.00
Pomeranian     £28.00
Poodle  (Mini/Toy)        £33.00
Poodle (standard)         £40.00
Pug  £25.00
Retriever (curly coat)    £35.00
Rottweiler  £30.00
Scottish Terrier   £33.00
Schnauzer (miniature)   £33.00
Schnauzer (standard)    £35.00 
Shih tzu    £33.00
Springer Spaniel  between   £35.00
Staffordshire bull Terrier    £25.00
Saint Bernard  £50.00

Shar Pei  £25.00
Tibetan Terrier  £35.00
West highland Terrier  £33.00
Yorkshire Terrier   £33.00 

Cavachons, cavapoos and other small mixed clipping type of dogs are £33.00 for a full groom

cockapoos and other medium mixed clipping type dogs are £35.00 for a full groom

Labradoodles and large mixed clipping type dogs are £40.00 for a full groom

****Please note if your dog is matted badly then we charge up to £10.00 more for the groom. a few mats are included in the price.***

Also if you dog is suffering with fleas and we need to use a Flea treatment, then treatment is an extra £4.00 this will kill any fleas on the dog but you still need to frontline ***
How much is that doggy in the window (Bossy paws price List)
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