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Welcome to Bossy Paws of Liverpool gallery page.
Mobile dog grooming Liverpool
Images of some of our dogs before and after grooming
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at 12 weeks old
This is Pepper she has had a puppy trim and full groom. We started by trimming all her feet and and fur inbetween the pads, Then we cut all her nails and just took the tips off. Then cleaned her ears and gave them a trim along with her sanitary area. We then went along the coat keeping it short but also keeping the spaniel feathers, she then had a nice hydro bath before we went over her again with our blending scissors. Pepper really enjoyed her groom. We are very patient with puppys as we want them to enjoy the experience and be use to it. If it's rushed or were too rough this will leave a fear of being grooming in the future but Pepper never stopped wagging her tail. After her groom we give her a nice spray leaving her looking and smelling lovely. We think she's a little cutie.
cavalier king charles spaniel puppy getting a full puppy groom       
Arnie the German shepard after his full mobile grooming session
Arnie the German Shepard after his full grooming session. We de-shedded his coat then bathed him, cleaned his ears clipped his nails and done some more de-shedding. Love this guy :)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier                                      American Bull dog
Getting his nails Trimmed                                      Getting a De-Shedding  
                                                                            Before a Hydro bath and
                                                                            full groom
Dixie staffordshire bull terrier getting his nails Trimmed
American bull dog getting a full grooming session.
British bull dog got full groom, ear cleaned,        French mastiff enjoying a
nails cut De-shedding and then hydro bath          Hydro bath
and dry.                        
British Bull dog, he got his nails trimmed, ears cleaned then had a nice Hydro Bath as part of a full grooming session
French Mastiff enjoying a Hydro bath
This is our mobile dog grooming salon in Liverpool
Our dog grooming heated hydro bath
This is the back of the mobile dog grooming salon in Liverpool